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SOLD Aria Pro II CSB 450 Cardinal Series

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Vintage beauty with a lot of battle scars, set neck, very slim neck, very light and balanced... Vintage hardcase, leather strap and shipping included...










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Quality bit of kit. I had one of the 'Black n Gold' variants of the 450. Hugely powerful pickup. Is this Medium scale? Mine was.

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[quote name='dyerseve' timestamp='1508607385' post='3393319']
Lovely looking bass! I could be wrong but that looks like a set neck to me.

You're right... my mistake... apologies...

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    • By Merton
      I have a confession. I like Jazz basses. My very first bass guitar was (is, I still own it) a Vester Jazz. I had a wonderful Status Retroactive jazz for 10 years but sold it last year after realising I prefer a medium 32” scale. Alan Cringean built me a superb Finn 5 which I modelled on a Jazz but even that went when he built me an even more superb Skelf.
      So I am Jazzless at the moment, save for my Vester. I’ve spent all year playing around with ideas, considered Maruszczyk, ACG, Shuker, even contemplated trying to find a Fender MIJ medium scale jazz. I was going down the ACG route with another Finn but deep down I wanted a more traditional Fender-esque shape.
      Then I remembered Mike Walsh and Zoot. He’s been building stunning basses for a few years and his recent Funkmeister builds have been catching my eye. Several months of emails and playing with specs later, last Thursday I went over to see Mike and we thrashed out the final spec (probably). So this is very very early days but hopefully I won’t change my mind at all now
      “The specs?”, I hear you ask. Yes. My Vester has a very big ballsy Jazz sound thanks to its Schaller pickups; the Status was similar thanks to its humbucking J pickups and active circuit. So I wanted similar and spent a long time considering all the woods and pickups (you’ll see...):
      Zoot Funkmeister 4 string, 32” with slimmed down body to suit the shorter scale
      Idigbo body (similar to swamp ash but cheaper as less figured), gloss black finish with matching headstock
      BWB scratchplate, rear mounted V/V/T controls
      Maple neck, darkened rosewood board with MOP blocks and white binding, 40mm nut and 16” radius
      Nordstrand Big Split pickups 
      Black hardware - Hipshot Kickass bridge and ultra lite tuners
      And that’s about it. It’s going to be amazing. Mike is a very infectiously enthusiastic bass builder and I hope he has as much fun seeing this develop as I will
      Pictures will appear when progress is made but this is such an early point in the process you’ll be waiting a while
    • By Hellzero
      Thinning down the herd, so selling the basses I don't use.
      FOR SALE OR TRADE (a 4 strings lined fretless with same retail value would be perfect, but hit me with your proposals).
      Ultra mega rare STATUS Electro II 6 Jonas HELLBORG personal model, only 2 known basses made !!!
      The specifications :
      32 3/9 " scale (as wanted by Jonas HELLBORG himself).
      26 frets with zero fret.
      1.5 mm action under the C string up to 2 mm under the B string
      14 mm strings spacing at the Status Electro bridge (as wanted by Jonas HELLBORG himself).
      8 mm at the graphite nut.
      1 double action truss rod (beware as it's a typical English left screwing model).
      3 bass Gotoh tuners on the bass side + 3 guitar Gotoh tuners on the treble side.
      Woven graphite neck with Rosewood fretboard.
      The semi-solid body with a single 'F' hole has a double size two-piece mahogany back with a red coloured veneer and book-matched Rosewood facing.
      Acoustic chambers are machined into the mahogany before the top is glued on : this allows the body to resonate and create a warmer, more "open" response.
      1 Status Hyperactive humbucker really close to the bridge (as wanted by Jonas HELLBORG himself) + 1 piezo pickup under the saddle in the bridge with balance, master volume (20 detent positions), treble cut/boost for magnetic and treble cut/boost for piezo (like on all Electro II series).
      Weight 5.2 kilos (not that heavy for 2 bodies glued together).
      Delivered in original Status gigbag.
      Equipped with Thomastik JR round wound nickel strings (029 - 043 - 051 - 068 - 089 -118).
      Satin finish for the body and thick glossy finish for the neck.
      Delivered to Jonas HELLBORG in November 2001.
      Set up by Christophe LEDUC.
      It is the rarest Status bass ever, completely original and never modified.
      Official price today will be more than £4500 GBP is you can get one made.
      Asking price is £3000 GBP due to the extreme rarity of this bass.
      Here a link to a translated Japanese web site where the other one is pictured : https://translate.google.be/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fakelasbass.blog134.fc2.com%2Fblog-entry-6.html&edit-text=&act=url.
      The pictures to see the real condition, which shows only some very little wear with three "marks" on the headstock where the finish is altered like often on graphite necks, so two cracks in the thick glossy finish on the left and right side of the headstock over the tuners plus scratches under the E string on the face of the headstock :

    • By spencer.b
      Maruszczyk Jake P/JJ 33inch scale, chambered body ,hipshot ultralite tuners , hipshot bridge
      Really good condition, looks like it hasn't really been played , no dings or marks
      This one has got the haussel pickups, now I know this stuff is very subjective but I'd say the haussel P has a woody vintage detailed sound to it, I tried maruszcyzks with the other pickups and I thought the delanos were way more modern and beefy and the maruszcyck ones were somewhere in between. The JJ at the bridge has a got quite a modern beefy rasp to it making this bass really versatile from old school 60s P to tight funky punch
      This bass is really light ( sorry my scales have run out of battery,I'll get a weight asap) and really well balanced with the hipshot tuners , 
      Maruszczyk gig bag included
      No trades( apart from a mesa walkabout) , collection only , I'm near Crystal Palace, come and have a play on it and a cuppa

    • By GILLY
      Having a sort out and came across a brand new set of 45-100 D'Addario Nickel Medium scale strings (4 string set) 
      I bought them for the Chowny SWB-1 that I had a while back as they were the factory fitted brand.
      £12 including p&p