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Sire marcus miller p7


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1 hour ago, jrixn1 said:

Centre at 20Hz sounds comically low. I suppose it depends how wide it is as well though.


20 Hz???

And I thought 40 Hz was already a little too low 😲

It seems a really odd choice, considering most if not all cabs out there roll off the lows quite a bit higher than that. I'd definitely want an HPF with that.


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1 hour ago, krispn said:

Yup if you run your DAW and record a bass track you can apply an EQ and see the eq curve dancing away on playback. I've just been doing that with some 'new to me' jazz pick ups. Always handy to know where a particular instruments has it's EQ peaks and troughs. I had three p bass which all had visibly different EQ when put through this sort of 'testing'. Meant I had a better understanding of each from an EQ'ing perspective. One had quite a bump at 500Hz, one was quite pokey around 300Hz etc. Sure we can hear differences in some basses but it's good to know based on actual evidence if changes are needed to fill things out/cut out freqs on a gig.

Yeah totally agree, was thinking earlier it would be super useful if more bass makers disclosed this stuff in the same way that most amps seem to do these days, and the way Sire have done. But thanks for the tip-off from you and Dave about using a DAW to uncover this info. 

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25 minutes ago, jassbass said:

Ive had sire v7s 5ers in the past and a p7

But i cant remember how good it was as a p bass on the neck pick up.Great over all basses.Can they do a good solid pbass?thanks 

It's very good as a solo P and, yes, provides a solid P bass sound. 

I'm a huge fan of Yammy PJs, but I actually prefer the Sire solo P to the Yammy solo P; it gets closer to iconic Fender P to my ears. And the Sire has the benefit of an active circuit for additional punch whereas a lot the Yammy BBs are purely passive. 

... But for completeness / balance: I prefer the Yammy PJ blend over the Sire PJ blend. The solo bridge Js are both very usable on both the Sire and the Yammy. And it's certainly good to have a passive Yammy BB bass in the arsenal. 

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Pulling you onto this thread...

7 hours ago, Blues Rock Dawn said:

I would really like to get hold of a Marcus Miller P7 Swamp Ash 4 White Blonde 2. Andertons are getting them back in July, and Thomanns have one but for quite a bit more than some are asking (due to export costs etc). Does anyone know of anywhere else in the UK that might sell them, or has anyone got this and they'd like to sell it? Thank you very much for any forthcoming advice and help. 

Also worth you posting an ad in the "Items Wanted" forum.

Great choice of bass btw! 

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  • 1 month later...

I'd recommend Sire, I own a V7 (not a P yet but planning on getting one) and they really are amazing for the money.

The necks are great, the action can be set amazingly low but i did have a high fret that needed sorting on mine no big deal tho and this happens at any price range. Knobs are totally fine, dont really know what people are talking about in this regard. Maybe a teeny bit loose feeling but nothing that'd ever affect u. Tuners are only noticeable thing. They are by no means bad but probs worth swapping out if you decide u like the bass and want to keep it. They are a little loose with some dead spots where turning does nothing and are easily bent. With all this in mind they are still absolute not brainers if you want a super versatile, great sounding active/passive bass that you dont have to worry too much about damaging 

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