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TJ Spicer

Yamaha BBNE2 - White

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[size=5][u]Yamaha BBNE2 - White - £1650[/u][/size]

At just over a year old (bought new from Wunjo Bass), this bass has probably been out with me on 40% of my gigs over the last year. The plastic is still on the electronics cover, no chips or missing finish. A tiny amount surface scratching is visible only if you look really hard and get the light on it in [i]j[/i][i]ust[/i] the right place... Super versatile, crazily highly quality of build and perfectly even tones across the fretboard.

Pickup from Bath or Maidenhead (between Reading and Slough) is preferred, but happy to drive half way to meet people. Ideally I'd rather not ship, as with its beautiful hardcase, it's slightly too big for all of the boxes I have. However, I have shipped many-a-bass before so if that's the only option I'm open to discuss it!

Trades wise I would be interested in:[list]
[*]Musicman Stingray Classic 5s
[*]Moog Sub Phatty/37s (potentially similar analogue mono-synths)
[*]Lightweight tube heads (I know oxymoronic!) such as the Markbass Classic 300, Sadowsky etc.
[*]High end tube preamps & DIs
Photos to follow, but in the meantime here's a video of this very bass.

Thank you for looking!




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I had the first version of this bass the NE1 on Aqua!! That was amazing!! I can't imagine how good this is :0

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