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SOLD: Providence Dual Bass Station - £140 price drop

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I am selling my Providence [url="http://www.providence-ltd.com/products/effector/dbs1.html"]Dual Bass Station[/url]. This is a really useful pedal if you like to use two basses at each gig, or have two pickups on an upright, or want two differnet eqs for one bass, as you effectively have two 3 band preamps in a very tidy little package. Sweepable mids mean it has very versatile EQ options. It also has loads of headroom.

A review is [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfEI5hFU7-8"]here[/url], and a sound sample [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJJJ-RFOp-I"]here[/url].

This one is in overall excellent condition. A couple of little chips have been covered with a matching nail varnish and then lacquered. There are no feet, but it has two strips of heavy duty velcro on the bottom, and comes with a UK power supply.

No original box I'm afraid.

Andertons and Thomann list these for £250: I am firm on £140 posted 1st Class Recorded in the UK.

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[quote name='dodge_bass' timestamp='1505345180' post='3371285']
Any trades at all?

Possibly, though unlikely tbh. What have you got?

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