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Fallen - electronic orchestral

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Got another track for you all.

This one was started by accident. I received an update to a sample library that I own and was playing around with some of the samples and it just kinda came together. Now usually, if you're a listener to the monthly composition challenge on here, you'll notice that my tracks have a page long list of instruments and sample libraries. This one however only has two sample libraries - Zero-G Ethera Soundscapes and Spitfire Audio's Albion One. It's Ethera Soundscapes that I was playing with when I put this together.

It started with the bass drum which was put through Ethera's internal arpgeggiator, as was the synth bass. The vocals are Ethera's forte and this is the new phrase legato that was introduced in the 1.2 update. It's quite nice but buggy on a few phrases (legato distorts heavily) so took some careful use to avoid those bugs.

Albion One provides the staccato strings and woodwinds. I'm loving the woody staccato sound of the woods at the moment. Albion's ostinatum provides the ostinatos, a little tool that I love. These were helped a lot by Frozen Plain's Obelisk, which is essentially a chord maker. Dial in the chord you want (and swap between them with keyswitches) hit the root note and you have a chord. This allows for very accurate transition between chords when using the ostinatum or an arpeggiator. Kirnu Cream (the Computer Music edition) was my arpeggiator of choice.

Izotope's Neutron provided the mixing and Ozone provided the mastering.

I knocked this up in an afternoon yesterday and tweaked it for an hour or so today. It's one of my quickest blank slate to release times ever I think.

And yes Douglas, it's in Dm :P (I didn't mean to, it's just that every time I mess around I use Dm as it's the second easiest scale to learn after C major and this all started as a quick mess around.)

The photo was taken in Southville Cemetery in Bristol. Other than in the monthly composition, I use all of my own photos on my tracks. The pictures I've submitted to the challenge when I've won it have all been my own too. I don't think I've ever mentioned that before.


And whilst i'm rabbiting on, a word about my mixing method. I have two sets of speakers. A pair of Yamaha HS7 monitor speakers and my ancient custom wired and sealed one-of-a-kind Tannoy E11s. The Yamahas are supplied with sound via my Focusrite Forte interface and the Tannoy's through an Asus Xonar Essence STX soundcard going into a (also ancient) Rotel RA930AX amp. I also mix on a pair of Audio Technica M50x headphones.

My living room, where I do all of my music production, is terrible for accurate bass. There's a huge deadspot in the middle third of the room and even near my Yamahas the bass drops quite a lot. I only get what I think is a more-or-less accurate amount of bass when I sit at the far back of the room where the bass builds up. It's a nightmare and I have no room for bass traps (and it's a rented place anywhere so no chance of installing anything). So I tend to hop between my Tannoys and the Yamahas and the headphones a lot. I know the sound of the Tannoy's incredibly well as I've had those and that amp since 1990. I'm using reference tracks a little more than I used to but not as much as I should. I have trouble finding tracks similar to mine to use as a reference.

I'm obviously in a chatty mood today but I'll leave it there :)

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[quote name='Mornats' timestamp='1503923637' post='3361554']...
And yes Douglas, it's in Dm :P ...



:lol: Nice piece, despite the Dm. Good Stuff. B)

Just by way of contrast (in no way in a spirit of competition; just for fun...), I'll put up a piece of mine. It's being prepared now; t'will be posted shortly...

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I've posted my 'Orchestral Piece' now, with a slight 'Sniff', though, as Soundcloud tell me I've overrun my quota..! I've gone back in time to delete my first Challenge entries from three years ago (I still have 'em, of course...), so they'll no longer be available to my diligent followers. I'm sure that Soundcloud will suffer from the ensuing outcry..! Never mind; onward and upward, eh..? :)

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