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guybrush threepwood

Ernie Ball cobalt flats

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I'm interested in hearing some opinions on these strings, from those who have been using them.

I seem to go back and forth from flats (currently GHS) to rounds (Sunbeams); when I use the former I miss the top end, but when I use rounds I miss the strong fundamental. These really look like the best of both worlds, and demos I've heard on YouTube have been impressive.

But, do they last as long as normal flats? And what's the feel and tension like?

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I haven't used the flats yet but I have a set of cobalt rounds on my stingray and in my opinion they really do give a far greater sound compared to nickel or steel. Sharp and punchy where needed and tons of depth, especially on the low b. They feel more smooth compared to my old strings, can't really say on lifespan just yet though. Had them on since Jan and they sound just as good now. I used to use elixirs but I'll stick with these from now on, on this bass at least

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I played these for over a year on my stingray and loved them , they can go bright if needed , though not sparkle

Used them also on P for few gigs and have now fitted them to my J

I have other basses with rounds and a P with really old flats on , but every gig I did over the last year plus has been with cobalts

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[quote name='guybrush threepwood' timestamp='1503473560' post='3358437']
Sounds good. So can they do dark thump with the tone knob down?

IMO yes

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They Are a little bit less tension than rounds. More brighter than a normal flat string but a little les than a nikel round. Good feel. Using during one year without problems.

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I’ve been interested in these for a

while now. I haven’t been gigging much this year, so have been dragging my current strings out as long as possible.... this weekends gig proved it a Bridge too far ?

just dropped the hammer on a set of cobalt flats to go on my sr5 hs, hoping the series pickups will help keep it lively. I got a set of regular slinky 5’s for the sr5 H so I should be able to a/b with the H is series mode and see what the difference is!

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