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North West Bass Bash

This Sunday!

Details here!

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Guy Pratt is the Inglorious Bassterd - New Stand Up Comedy show

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I would hope he'd do a show for the East Midlands in Derby.

Since the Derby Assembly Rooms burned down, it's not going to happen any time soon. This is a quote from the people who service the city;
[b][i]"If accepted, a new Music and Performance Venue could be opened in summer 2021."[/i][/b]


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Best thing that could happen to the Assembly Rooms!!

Shame they won't build something nice instead .. but this IS Derby: home of the Intu Centre, Cockpit Carpark and Riverlights; brought to you by the same town planners that built Bold Lane car park on a public garden, and demolished Darwin's house and St Alkmunds Church to build an inner ring road.

... off topic. Rant over :¬)

He could still do the Guildhall or the Derby Arena tho.

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Went to see this at Frankenstein's today - thoroughly recommended if you're in the area, even if you've read his book!

The bit about bass players in the audience was worth the price of admission alone (well, OK, it's free admission but you know what I mean).

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[quote name='NickA' timestamp='1503063530' post='3355450']
...He could still do the Guildhall or the Derby Arena tho.

I'd hope so.

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Saw him recently in Bingley. Thoroughly recommend the show, very funny.
Took Mrs CP and she loved it too, so not just for bassists.

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I have seen him several times and even though I can mouth along to some of the jokes, it is such a pleasure to be in his company... Go wherever he plays. The book is a good companion piece but nothing beats him playing a rolling, completely steady, groove on the bass while re-enacting a conversation with two voices, faces and mic-angles AND acrobatically miming how he is showing off his orange builders' boots on stage while out of his minds on drugs...

Oh, and while I am at it, for those within easy travel to London, Mitch Benn (him of off the Now Show for many years) and his band are hosting a monthly Music-Comedy Club called "[url="http://www.phoenixcavendishsquare.co.uk/events/"]Distraction Club[/url]" - every first Tuesday of the month at the "Phoenix" in Cavendish Square near Oxford Circus. It is very good, and a very friendly cosy atmosphere! Guy Pratt once headlined there at very short notice, and I had my first ever asthma attack just from laughing so much!

And for those of you further North, another one of the heroes of the Distraction Club is [url="https://silkythecomedian.com"]Silky[/url] - ok, so he does not play the bass but my oh my is he a crafty musician and storyteller - he is based in Leeds and is initiator of Music-Comedy night "[url="http://www.killforaseat.com"]Kill For A Seat[/url]" all over the North, Wales and occasionally the midlands.

I am not associated (much, I lent Mitch the bass I can't get on with) with any of these acts, it's merely a public service announcement: We all need more laughs, and what better to mix it with than music??


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