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FS SWR TRIAD, henry 4x8, sm500, sm900

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Posted (edited)
Hi, for sale is my stack that you can combine into two separate etc.

First the amps:

sm900 with abs rack 4u and transformer. Amp is in very very good condition, 110v imported by me from usa years ago. I don't know it's age (I don't really care but it's a modern one with new logo). all in good working condition. - [color=#767676]£[/color]550

sm500 - spare amp, almost excellent condition 110v, I only have one transformer but both amps run on 110v. price - [color=#767676]£[/color]300


swr triad - very unusal cab in excellent condition, to my knowledge all original - [color=#767676]£500 [/color]

[color=#767676]swr 4x8 (henry) -again, hard to find, all working well - [/color][color=#767676]£300 [/color]

[color=#767676]I'm in Italy until next week. so please message me at: [email protected] I'll make a photos when back. Not using my gear since our little baby girl was born, so can downgrade as not having time to play recently. near offers considered. Later I'll list for sale my MM stingray 5 bass and midi system, rc300 loop station. sorry for lack of pictures, update when back. [/color][color=#767676]Thanks for viewing, [/color]

[color=#767676]mobile no. upon email reques[/color][color=#767676]t to view, check in Weston-Super-Mare (near Bristol).[/color] Edited by beaver2

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some pictures:

sm500 - https://photos.app.goo.gl/Giby22mwdSIA5X683

sm900 - https://photos.app.goo.gl/j3Uhhsv5hpiptZWC2 (tuner is also included, but can sell the rack and accessories with sm500)

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Hi, sorry for late reply, the only thing left is 4x8 Henry. I'm abroad until next week but I'll try to post a picture of a cab asap. Thanks for interest, please email me at [email protected] if I'm not responding quickly enough ;)

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