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New fretless 62 Jazz bass day

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Having played fretless Jazz basses since the early 80s and being a bit of a magpie when it comes to vintage jazzes, I have always wanted a defretted pre cbs jazz. Bearing in mind the financial implications of modifying an original instrument, it has been difficult to find one either already defretted, or unoriginal enough not to regret modifying further.

I recently found and acquired the ideal candidate; a 1962 slab board, completely refinished, with changed pickups, new maple fingerboard, black scratchplate, modern decal and some wiring alterations. it also had a filled hole at the base of the head, as if it had been mounted to a wall.

The body, neck, tuners, bridge, control plate, neck plate and at least one pot are correct.

One visit to Martin Petersen later, a new unlined non-sustainable full fat rosewood board is fitted. I had strongly considered filled fret slots and clay dots, but as the bass looks quite modern, with a non vintage clear neck lacquer, black scratchplate and bass-side finger rest, I thought it best to just go with it, rather than spend heavily on finishes. It's just a player, after all.

To play, it is resonant, bright and punchy, with very clear harmonics and plenty of mwaaaah. The neck is straight and the action low. Martin has done an excellent job, as ever. A few rather poor images below.


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Class. Having had a bass defretted by Martin myself, I know that that's a top quality job. Enjoy.

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