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***SOLD*** Genz Benz Streamliner 900

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So you know who Genz Benz are, you know what this amp is and you know why you want one. 900W class D lightweight bass amp with tube pre-amp, all the power you could ever need in a package that weighs approximately a tenth of sod-all. It'll drive everything from 1x15s all the way up to 8x10s without breaking a sweat with lots of tonal options and plenty of advice on tube rolling if you want to tweak it.

It's not pristine, but it's close - it's in its original box and during my tenure (previously owned by Karl on this forum), it's lived in a flight case, doing duty in a rock covers band and an AC/DC tribute band with 100% reliability - there's a reason Fender bought this company out. It also has all the blue leds fully functional, as of last power-up.

Not interested in trades, I'm afraid - I've gone the ampeg route and if I was paranoid enough to want a backup, I'd just keep hold of this one (which may yet happen if it doesn't sell)

[attachment=245780:IMG_15451.JPG] [attachment=245781:IMG_15461.JPG] [attachment=245783:IMG_15471.JPG]

Location is on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Collection preferred, but will post at cost.

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