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Smoothound, Microthumpinator, GEB-7, Pitchblack, etc etc

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Hi everybody!

Continuing the great clearout, here is my pedal board (minus a few bits and bobs). All of the pedals below are in exceptional condition, pretty much 'as new' with the exception of a few tiny scratches and velcro on the bottom. Postage to the UK is included in the prices too. I think the prices are pretty fair, but please feel free to make an offer in a PM.

As far as trades, I'm on the hunt for a Gallien-Krueger RBII head, a pedal board battery, a decent vocal mic, a Studiospares mono valve preamp, RED250 or DI Box/Preamp.

[color=#FF0000]SOLD [/color]Smoothound Wireless - £100
Great wireless unit championed by Basschat and other forums. Replaced my G30 and has been faultless. Only selling as I really would like a rack unit instead.

[color=#ff0000]SOLD PENDING[/color] Brightonion Micro Buffer - £15
I used this to buffer basses that I wanted through the board that weren't coming in via the wireless. Made a great way to go from wireless to a cable quickly as I could just pull the patch cable out of the input. Oh, sorry, you don't care what I used it for, what will you use it for? I specified the blue led for its positive effect on tone. Obviously.

[color=#FF0000]SOLD [/color]Joyo Orange Juice - £30
I've been through LOADS of bass overdrives (just check my previous for sale threads!) and stuck with this one. You'd be amazed at how good it is.

[color=#ff0000]SOLD[/color] Korg Pitchblack - £25
Makes your bass sound less rubbish. For £30. I mean, that's a bargain.

Boss GEB-7 - £40
EQ pedal with 7 sliders in the bass sweetspots. Underrated but really useful. I used it to boost the level (and cut the sub bass) slightly when using fingers vs a pick.

[color=#FF0000]SOLD [/color]sfx Microthumpinator - £100
I'm trying to find the one person on BC who doesn't have one of these already...... Great hpf that cuts the mud and leaves all of the sound. Saves your speakers, the soundman and the audience from audible but distracting overpowering bass. Please excuse the bad photo with glare on the sfx, if anyone wants I can get a decent photo up.


Thanks for looking!

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your interest and patience! So last night I got no sleep at all because our little countryside retreat has developed somewhat of a rat problem. Part and parcel of living where we do but it meant a long night and then an extra long today of work followed by helping the exterminator pull up loads of our floorboards.

I am really sorry for the delay in responding but I have now responded to all messages in the order in which they were sent (which killed me and sometimes the first offer wasn't the best! :D ). Several items are sole pending payment but I imagine that at least some of those who made an offer may yet drop out due to the time delay. Don't give up hope!

On a serious note, thanks for your patience.

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Price drop, save me from ebay!

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