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Synthy Fuzz recommendations?


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I'm after a synthy gated fuzz.

It's going to be used with active basses. Also, I'll be jamming it between a Markbass octaver and MXR Bass Envelope Filter, to milk the synthtasticness of it.

Thinking along the lines of the Mastotron, or Fat Fuzz Factory. I love the sound of the Team Awesome Fuzz Machine too ... you get my drift.

Which other fuzz pedals fall into that hemisphere? It's got to be active-friendly, mind 🤙🏻

What are your suggestions folks?

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As you know,I've just sold my mastatron! And I'm kicking myself 😔 i do have a tech 21 red ripper which is worth a look if you can find one. I deliberated between the two and the red ripper is more versatile, but takes a lot more tweaking to get a great synth sound out of than the mastatron,when mixed with octave and filter.
3 leaf doom too or a Crowther prunes and custard,they are on the more expensive end though 😁

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I use an oxide for that really tight gate, in my experience it's the tightest out there.
I also use a Mastotron, not quite as tight as the IEO but a great gated fuzz.
I tend to use the two of them together a lot too, makes for a great saw tooth type sound.

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