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Zoom MRS-1266 digital 12 track recorder

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6 simultaneous tracks recording, built in CD writer, 12 track faders and a decent drum machine, this is handy for live band recording and demos etc.
I've just bought a Zoom R24 and still have an MRS-1608, so need to unload this.
It's in good working order, I've just reflowed the phones socket and input power jack so no more crackles.
I will empty my files off it before shipping.
Pictures to follow

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BuMp for additional information:


120 audio tracks plus drum & bass tracks

6-channel simultaneous recording

Built-in drum machine with 12 touch sensitive pads

500 rhythm patterns, 127 drum kits, 26 bass sounds

FAST: Formula Assisted Song Translator

Complete multi-effects with VAMS Technology

3 effects processor, mastering, send/return, insert

2 Balanced XLR inputs with phantom power

Phase loop function for the latest music

Optional user-installable CD-R/RW drive

Each audio track, including the stereo master, offers 10 virtual takes each. This allows the user to record each part ten times, and pick the best one during mixing.

MRS-1266 is a hard disk recorder and a fully integrated digital workstation. Its input and output stages feature 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, while the recording section samples at 44.1kHz (with no compression). Songs can be stored on the 20GB hard drive, or burned to CD-R/RW using the optional CD-R/RW drive.

The 1266 includes an integrated and fully programmable drum and bass machine. The rhythm section has 12 touch sensitive pads (a full chromatic scale) as well as hundreds of pre-programmed patterns.

The drum section features 127 different sounding drum kits. Its 26 bass sounds range from slap to synth and every style in-between. 500 user programmable patterns are available per song.

With the optional CD-R/RW drive, pre-recorded drum beats and samples phrases can be imported. Up to 100 samples can be stored per project, and by cutting and pasting, loops can be created and dropped in and out or songs quickly and easily.

The 1266 has literally hundreds of customizable digital effects for mics and instruments, as well as Zoom's VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling System) guitar amp modeling.

The 1266 has adjustable EQ and pan controls for each channel, as well as a complete array of adjustable 24-bit mastering effects such as Reverb, Chorus, Modulation, Delay and Compression.

The comprehensive workstation allows storage of up to 999 songs with 100 marker points per song and 100 sequence and manual scenes per song. Editing is made easy with a large backlit LCD screen. Auto and manual punch in and out, easy bounce mode, A/B repeat function and a scrub/preview function make the MRS-1266 a powerful recording tool.

Connectivity is accomplished via 2 XLR inputs with switchable phantom power, (8) 1/4 in. unbalanced inputs (2 instrument / 6 line), stereo RCA outputs, S/P DIF Optical Digital output and MIDI IN/OUT as well as a SCSI and USB interface for use with an optional plug-in card.

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