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CRAZY price drop to [s]£925[/s] [s]£900[/s] [s]£850[/s] [s] £800[/s][b] £650 OR VERY NEAREST OFFER[/b]


Right up here for sale is my custom made Sandberg Basic TM. No idea why they call this model the "basic", it's anything but and a serious marketing fail by the Sandberg folks! Had this custom built for me around 10 years ago at PMT Birmingham when they first started stocking Sandbergs.

Its a Basic TM model, so has a fat humbucker musiman-style bridge pickup and a jazz style neck pickup (both by Delano). The result is a very versatile modern sounding hybrid between a MM Sterling and Fender Jazz. I say Sterling rather than Stingray because it has a more slender, refined feel than a Stingray which is why I've always preferred the Sterling. But yes there is a really great variety of tones here and the body and hefty bridge design give it a real depth. I have used it in countless different outfits and styles and it can cope with just about anything, due in no small part to.........

the custom fitted 3 band EQ. All the Basic models I have seen since have a 2 band but I specified 3 and it is an incredibly powerful unit. The tops can be boosted to incredibly brittle heights and the sub is crazy. The real killer is the mid control though, roll it off to maximise a huge slap tone, boost it up and give yourself a Jaco noodle session. Really, really impressive.

The Neck is very slim and fast and with those 6 neck screws the whole thing feels solid as a rock, Im pretty sure you could chuck this down the stairs and it would be fine, very very good German craftsmanship.

The blueburst striped finish is really stunning as well. It gives a boutique-y feel without being too showy. I used to remove the pickguard to show off the finish but like both looks tbh. Have included a few pics of the back where you can really see the striped grain showing through.

Other features are a coil tap switch for the bridge pup, giving you a straight Jazz configuration or twin coiled humbucker fun. Also pull/push active passive selector.

I bought this as jack of all trades bass to cover many working styles as I moved into semi pro playing. I feel it was the perfect "upgrade" bass because its so versatile, solidly build and pretty!

I've had a look and have found the 2 band version on GuitarGuiatr for £1600 [url="http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/bass_guitars_detail.asp?stock=161208304886008."]http://www.guitargui...61208304886008.[/url]

I truly believe this 3band version is rare and miles ahead in terms of versatility so this is a definite bargain. Should also mention that it was bought with a lifetime guarantee from PMT Birmingham (which I imagine would be honoured at other branches?). I have had the Jack socket replaced a few years ago and there was zero charge.

Its in really great condition, I cant see any knocks or bumps of note although it has been regularly gigged throughout its life. Strung with DR Hi-beams I believe. Comes with deluxe Sandberg padded gig bag.

Consider trades only for high quality Fender Jazz, I'm looking at cash on collection or Paypal. Would consider postage within UK if necessary but do a lot of touring so could meet/deliver if lucky. I play purely upright now so need to fund my next purchase!!


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I've been feeling the pangs of Sandberg GAS lately. This is lovely - if only I had the space and/or cash. GLWTS!

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[quote name='CameronJ' timestamp='1492122569' post='3278196']
I've been feeling the pangs of Sandberg GAS lately. This is lovely - if only I had the space and/or cash. GLWTS!

open to offers..........u know u want to!!

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Had it been a 5 I'd be all over it. I have the cash and ready to jump for a realistically priced Sandberg.
Amazing bass

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