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Gut strings

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So for sale we have:

Dlugolecki wound gut E string [b](£60)[/b]
[s]Lenzner wound gut A string [b](£30)[/b]
Lenzner raw gut D string [b](£30)[/b]
Lenzner raw gut G string [b](£30)[/b][/s]
Efrano raw gut high C string [b](£30)[/b]

All prices include delivery. The E and A were purchased recently but not what I'm after, original FS thread [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/299844-gut-string-set-sold/page__p__3230187__hl__gut__fromsearch__1#entry3230187"]HERE[/url]. The raw D and G have had about 6 months use in total and the high C about 2 months and have been properly looked after, well oiled and trimmed when needed.


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Ah my old gut set! Done only a few sessions with these strings on the Duke bass I then sold to Tom. I believe he swapped them to Spirocore and kept these guts well stored. This guts' sound is sooo good and that Dlugo E is built to last. GLWTS.

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