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This Sunday!

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Sold pending - Oakwood semi acoustic EUB

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Bit of an odd one this, an Oakwood semi acoustic EUB. Oakwood are highly regarded in folk circles for their guitars, mandolins and other acoustic fretted instruments. I'm not sure how old it is, my mum picked it up second hand 20 odd years ago and it's been basically unused since then as she got into orchestral playing.

From the Oakwood website: "[i]With a body of either walnut laminate [/i][this one is walnut][i] or solid figured sycamore, maple neck and ebony fingerboard[/i] [this one doesn't look like ebony, it's brown][i], it doesn't look like a double bass but it certainly sounds like one - and it's a lot easier to get on the bus. Thomastik strings and Shadow pickups complete the spec.[/i]"

It's full scale length with a long, sturdy spike and the wooden support bar lets you get a solid hold on it with the feel of playing a full bodied instrument. As mentioned above, the fingerboard is dark brown so I'm assuming it is not the specced ebony but maybe rosewood; I can only guess as my wood knowledge is minimal. The sound is pretty faithful to a real upright with good sustain, despite the original set of Spiros and the Shadow pickup not being anything special. I'll try and get a couple of samples recorded. It currently has a flat setup which makes it nigh on impossible to bow the middle two strings properly. The bridge is adjustable and currently at its lowest so you could raise it and reshape the top for a more curved, bowable radius.

There are a few dings, especially down the back edges and a couple of surface scratches that I've shown in the photos but no structural issues. There isn't a proper case but it comes with a lovely dark red velvet cover.

A new one is still listed on the Oakwood website at £3845 but they haven't made one for ages and there's a lot more about in the EUB category nowadays. It is a really lovely, hand built instrument from a great luthier that deserves some use.

Come and give it a play in York, postage is not an option on this one.

Photos: https://imageshack.com/a/URxl/1


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Some sketchy noodlings:
Dry: https://soundcloud.com/timyates/oakwood-dry/s-Miad8
With a bit of EQ and comp: https://soundcloud.com/timyates/oakwood-eq/s-bZe3P

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