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- Price drop - Fodera Imperial Elite 5 string - Bona


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New price

6600 pounds

Hey guys,

I'm currently selling my 2012 Fodera Imperial Elite 5 string (Bona).

Here are the specs:

Ash body with Olive wood top
Maple neck with Birdseye maple fretboard
Seymour Duncan P/ups with ebony wood covers and matching finger ramp (was a 500 dollar extra at the time of purchase)
Mike Pope 18v Preamp

The bass is in mint condition, rarely got out of the house, feels amazing and sounds clear as daylight.
Can basically get any tone from the most vintage to the most modern sounding bass.
The reason for selling is because I'm in the process of moving to another country and this one has been staying here in Portugal inside the closet not being used, so thought maybe someone else would actually give it a proper use.
The bass will be shipped on a proper road case that offers way more protection than the regular fodera case. (Photo of the case attached)

The price includes shipping within Europe.

New photos added.


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[quote name='Shiveringbass' timestamp='1484989218' post='3220162']

I know that Fod can be a bit on the heavy side so could you give the weight of this beauty ?


Hi, not sure about the exact weight of the bass, I think it's about 4,8 Kgs.
But I will get a scale to check and let you know.


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