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SOLD Warr Guitars Artist

Nick Brown

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Bought when I thought I might have the time to try something new, alas now sitting on it's stand not getting played.

This is a Warr Guitars Artist 10 string tapping instrument.

The 10 strings are tuned in the Trey Gunn Crafty setup, inverted bass strings in 5ths the melody strings also in 5ths apart from the last string which is up a minor 3rd from it's neighbour.

The body is mahogany with a curly maple top. The neck is a 7 piece laminate consisting of mahogany, maple and wenge, the fretboard is also wenge.
Scale length is 34". There are a couple of small blemishes on the rear of the body nothing that affects the look or playability of the instrument. The Warr is equpped with two magnetic Bartolini pickups and 10 piezo pickups in the custom bridge unit. The 5 melody strings are also connected to the Roland style 13 pin output to allow connection to various devices such as the Roland GR55. The instrument is strung up with new custom Newtone strings and I will also include two spare sets of these strings. The headstock is fitted with Sperzel locking tuners. The control knobs are also made from wenge.

For completeness I will mention that there was a small round indentation on the neck side when I bought the instrument from the original owner, This has been almost totally fixed by a steaming process and now is now all but unnoticeable.

The Warr comes with all the tools, the aforementioned spare string sets and a Ritter gig bag (the original had seen better days).

I reckon with exchange rates what they are currently and with all import duties/taxes this instrument would cost over £4500 now

Pickup only from NW Surrey.

Thanks for looking.

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[quote name='Daz39' timestamp='1478006355' post='3165901']
Oh my. That is art.
What are all the knobs and switches for?

It is a thing of beauty indeed.

The knobs and switches to the left arranged vertically are the volume and tone controls for each of the Bartolini pickups
The uppermost set of switches are the pickup selector switches for rear both front pickups. There are two because each pickup is stereo split 5/5 strings
The lower switches select magnetic pus/magnetic + piezo pus/ piezo only

On the right the knob control the volume of the midi output.
The switch above the knob controls the switching, both up and down, of patches on a GR attached device i.e. GR55
The switch below selects guitar output only/guitar and synth output/synth only output

I hope that explains things a bit.

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