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De Gier Origin V

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For sale is my De Gier Origin V

£1350!!!!!     £1350!!!!!!!  Massive Bargain!!

(Picture was taken pre-Flexcore. It now has a a stacked knob and a small black switch)

- Alder body in sunburst
- Maple neck/birdseye maple fingerboard
- Abalone dot inlays
- Chrome bridge (ETS) and knobs
- Hipshot ultra lite Y tuners
- 4 band Pope Flexcore preamp + kill switch
- Aguilar DCB pickups

This bass is a beast! (Especially so since I had the OBP3 swapped out for a Flexcore). It's a real fantastic work horse capable of just about anything. A super J and then some, the bridge pickup sound in particular is to die for, and the options for both high and low mids before your amp are perfect for adjusting to the room. The bass feels like no other I've ever played and I receive compliments and praise of both it's sound and it's play-ability where ever I take it. The string spacing is tight (18mm bridge) and the neck is narrow, meaning you can fly around this fiver, and weighing in at the 9lb mark it's not too heavy and it's perfectly balanced with not a hint of dive. I've worn this around my neck for hours at a time and it certainly remains comfortable to play. The bass remains in tip top condition with not a mark on it. (On closer inspection I've found two of the tiniest marks and have put photos in the dropbox folder linked below)

For those that don't know of Sander De Gier's work, I can tell you that his basses are of an excellent, world class quality. Mr De Gier produces boutique basses from quality materials that not only sound brilliant, but are extremely well thought out designs for working musicians. After owning this, I had him make me a P bass that is an utterly fantastic instrument also.


- Upright basses
- Noble tube preamp
- Vanderkley Spartan
- Mark Bass Little Ninja (amp)

I'll be very sad to see this bass go. So, if I can't get the money I would like for it, it won't be leaving me.

Postage is NOT included in the above price and will be extra.

Pics in the links below, but if you would like any more or you have any questions feel free to fire me a message over.

Cheers, thanks for looking.

https://www.dropbox....9MnxYbHzsa?dl=0 <<<<<< PICS!!






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Could you be interested in partial trade with this bass? Mint conditions and quite easy to resell?

(btw I own two bebops :) Love Sander)


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I'm afraid I'm not really a Fender man, I'm actually wanting a Bebop (60's style, are you sure you need two? ;) ) but don't have the cash for a new custom build at present. Thanks for the offer though. There's been lots of interesting trade offers come in...


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I have a Bebop (60s) and a Bebop 70s :) two completely different beasts... Anyway good luck for the sale and have a free bump by the biggest Sander fan in Italy... I will someday have your Soulmate :D :D :D


http://www.degierguitars.com/portfolio-items/bebop-4-fiesta-jpj/ (converted to chrome mechanics... way more elegant now :D)

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She's called Eva :D

And now has a BassMute and a Stellartone Tonestyler

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I own a De Gier Elevation 6, out of all the 6 strings I have owned the De Gier is by far the best! Anyone who has played one knows just how good they are.

£1500 for this bass is a steal...

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Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the offer, but I'm afraid I'm not interested in that particular bass.


(All offers by PM please :D)

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