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1972 Fender Musicmaster Bass ****SOLD****

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Fender Musicmaster Bass. Lovely aged and crazed body that being white has turned creamy. Neck dated 18.1.1972 and stamped J Torres and pots each dated 71 (304 71 16). Body is undated but stamped T Chambers.

Weighs 7lbs and 5ozs.

Sound great and balances perfectly.

Some pickup screws have been replaced as has the pickup but other than this I believe that the bass is original.

Comes with tatty non fender case.

Looking for a sale only thanks.

More photos here


And video/sound clip available, PM me please


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[quote name='Daveyboyrooster' timestamp='1480101202' post='3181741']
Any trades?
[/quote]looking for a sale really

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