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Ashdown Evo II RPM 1 Pre Amp **SOLD**

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I have for sale an Ashdown Evo II pre amp.
In great condition, has been gigged a lot but always kept in a rack case.
Recently had it serviced by ashdown so in full working order.

I do have the means to post the pre amp as i have the box i used to post it ashdown, however if you want to collect you can take the rack case with it.

There is a peavey cs800s poweramp in there too which i believe is faulty (i have no means to try it out).
I first thought it was the preamp hence why i sent it to ashdown to be repaired but i was told there were only a few minor things wrong with it so it must be the peavey.
Buyer is welcome to take this unit on collection too.

I'm based just outside the city center of Cardiff.

Price £150 collected, £170 to post (pre amp only) ***** NOW £140 ALL IN *****

Cash on collection or paypal payments only, Cheers!!

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[quote name='plankspanker' timestamp='1475508573' post='3146480']
I recognise that Noble's' sticker - I believe this used to be mine back in the day! Excellent bit of kit - GLWTS.

Nice! I've had it for so long now i cant remember from who or where i bought it.. The whole unit came as one though rack, pre amp/amp.

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