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NOW SOLD Trace Elliot 1028H 400 watt speaker cab

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400 Watts, 8 Ohms
Two 10" Celestion Speakers
High Frequency horn with variable attenuation
Weight 26.263kg
Width 20"
Depth 26.5"
Height 21.25"
Black pimple covered and not the green carpet
Plus Trace Elliot Cover

In good condition although has one small mark like a cigarette burn on the side but is not really noticeable. Relatively light for 2 X 10" traditional bass cab not qute that small, even though they are called compact, but definitely lighter and smaller than most Trace Elliot cabs and can still deliver a great tone.

I play, or used to play, my TE AH300 through this and a TE compact 15" and it is a great sound. I am only selling as I have gone lighter, as I get older, with a couple of TC Electronics Cabs and amp but the TE Rig is really the better of two.

I am planning to keep the amp and 15" at present, mainly for sentimental reasons, but also as backup.

Any trial welcome but collect only or deliver locally . Looking for £225. Tradewise perhaps happy to consider another TC Electronic RS112.


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