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How about using Little Bastard cabs on synths and keyboard amps

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I was thinking of connecting synths to a stereo keyboard amp, and using my two Ashdown Little Bastard LB-112 cabs as stereo speakers.
This is just for in the living room.

Is there any way to predict some of the outcome?

These LB-112 cabs are equipped with neodymium drivers, and they seemed to me to be quite capable as to transient response.
At the same time, I don't know how such cabs are being designed, and whether they are limited in bandwidth and/or may have some type of tuning to them that makes them less desirable for synth use.

Anyone who can enlighten me a little? I can't borrow a keyboard amp to just try it out.
Alternatively, would it be a good idea to connect a synth to my Genz Benz GBE 750 for trying the speakers? I'd expect its input to be able to handle the signal.


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The best thing to do is try it. Just make sure your Ω are good for the amp.

If it was a guitar rig you was using, I'd say play lightly with the left, but bass gear usually covers the same frequency range as PA.
I used my MarkBass as church PA a few times. Playing guitar, bass & edrums through it as well as music from mp3s.

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Thanks for that, Graeme. My problem is that I can't try it right now (I can't borrow a keyboards amp), and must make a quick decision on selling or not selling the LB cabs, as someone wants them as part of another deal.
Also, I don't know enough about the GBE to be able to predict how well it teaches me what these cabs would sound like when driven by a keyboard amp.

Ah well, a wrong decision will not kill me. I may have to just jump and then see in what country I land.


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