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Born and bred in Portsmouth, left for Australia when I was 22. Was 12 in 1980 and got caught up in the Mod revival. Scooter Boy for a while after that (Saw King Kurt @ Grannies at the Tricorn), then Army, then off to Oz. Rugby throughout. Band from 1994.

I'll start off with some extracts from my BandMix profile:

[color=#101010]Beginner Bassist, just starting to get things together. I've got about 60 songs in my playlist and any of those I can play competently on stage. I'm finding new songs easier to pick up, but it's still not a given that I have the chops to play everything. I was lead singer of a cover band for about 10years. Still some way off singing & playing at the same time. I can play & sing a few songs and can occasionally chip in with a harmony. [/color][color=#101010]I've been in a pub rock band (singing) for years so that's what I know and play. But I love 2Tone Ska, Madness and a lot of that early 80s UK stuff. (That's where I grew up). I don't mind New Romantic or disco. Then again, I love King Kurt, Kylie and Green Day.[/color]

[color=#101010]I bought my first bass and rig this year, so it's also my only gear (pics attached):[/color]
[color=#101010]Bass: Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay4 HH Neck-Through[/color]
[color=#101010]Amp: Ampeg PF-500[/color]
[color=#101010]Cabs: Ampeg PF410 + PF115[/color]

[color=#101010]I scoffed at GAS, but have since realised it's a real thing, to be resisted![/color]
[color=#101010]But, if I were susceptible, I'd be after:
A Rickenbacker 4003 Walnut
A Gibson Thunderbird
A black Warwick Buzzard with the LEDs; and
A Jazz V[/color]

[color=#101010]I bought the StingRay from Sweetwater for a fraction of the cost that Aussie retailers wanted, even after the ~$800 for shipping + Taxes, it was still a thousand bucks cheaper. Then I noticed that Qantas had a special return airfare to San Francisco (where my brother-in-law lives) for $999, so I went and got it. Or rather [i]we [/i]went and got it. Thus spending two grand to save 800 bucks! But we did get a holiday...[/color]

[attachment=216922:Full.JPG][attachment=216919:Back.JPG][attachment=216921:Front.JPG][attachment=216920:Bass & Rig.JPG]

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Welcome 'Bruce'. Townsville, land of my father and 1/2 sister though the former now inhabits NZ and Europe alternately. GAS is a very dangerous condition, take care to keep in check :)

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[quote name='baldwinbass' timestamp='1460637732' post='3027465']
Ah, the Tricorn...

Yay for its demise, even if there were some good times in the 70s/80s!

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