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A DIY Bass Head Build

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We need a naming competition for this. I'm gonna stay obvious with the...

"Passinwind BassChat 500"

Assuming that's the power output, of course.

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I ended up doing a second one of these for a friend, using the original prototype enclosure that didn't quote meet my specs. The fabricator let me keep it at no charge though, since it wasn't going to do them any good. My friend had the half rack format preamp and power amp I built last year, but decided that an integrated amp just makes more sense -- the same reason I got rid of the 1/2 rack stuff in the first place. So I traded back the pretty nice sounding 1/2 rack stuff for a build with the "bummer" case and the the guts pictured above. This of course gave me a perfect excuse to work on rev. 4 of my preamp and HPF/PEQ boards, which I have just finished up. Among other things, I went a little deeper down the rabbit hole with an even more uptown Jensen input transformer for the power amp section, and a hybrid dual opamp that is 1/2 FET input and 1/2 bipolar. Those little SMD/DIP adapters came in handy for that. So, the new one for my friend, note the unwelded case seams:

And my own, with what passes for a pink LED pilot light:

The 1/2 rack format pair:

And finally, the original rack mount one, which uses an older ICEpower 500 watt module:

Time to move along to some simpler and more economical builds for a while now, I reckon.

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