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Warwick Thumb NT 5-string Bass

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Bass has now SOLD!!!

[color=#3C3241]Hi there, [/color][color=#3C3241]up for sale was my Warwick Thumb NT 5-string Bass guitar. It's a truly stunning instrument; the w[/color][color=#3C3241]ood almost glimmers gold after waxing. It's a 2002 model with an Ebony fingerboard, Bubinga Pomelle body and through-body Ovangkol neck. [/color]

[color=#3C3241]The curved body feels great to the touch, especially where the neck runs through. You'll struggle to find a better example of this bass. Here's a few extra specs: [/color]
[color=#3C3241]Body: Bubinga Pomelle (4.5kg) [/color]
[color=#3C3241]Neck: Ovangkol with Ekanga veneer stripes [/color]
[color=#3C3241]Fingerboard: Tigerstripe Ebony [/color]
[color=#3C3241]Scale: 34inch, 26 jumbo-bronze frets [/color]
[color=#3C3241]Electronics: MEC 3-band EQ [/color]


[color=#3C3241]I can include a hard case, Warwick truss-rod tool and a tin of wax to keep it tip-top. Any questions, please do get in touch. [/color]

[color=#3C3241]All the best, Tim[/color]

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