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BCers Prepared to Help Fix a Bass


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I am! 13 years as a bass player now, done all my own restringing and adjustments for a long time. I’ve took on quite a number of repairs too from headstock breaks to set-ups, even had a friend come to me with a bass neck he bought off eBay with the truss rod hanging out the back, wasn’t perfect but I sorted it and made it functional.

I LOVE making custom Ramps for basses aswell and have a number of exotic pieces of wood I’m hankering to carve up!!

Ive also done repairs & set-ups for quite a few of the local musicians around Burton On Trent and Derbyshire, I’m out in Clifton, not too far from Ashbourne, Belper, Buxton etc, in the Derby Dales, If anyone has any issues and needs someone close by, give me a shout! Happy to help :)

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I’ve relocated, so you might want to edit my location. I’m now in the Outer Hebrides (still furthest north though). I’ll help out anyone in the islands, sure .... provided I’m not the only bass player here 🤔

Anyway, I can do set-ups, fingerboard/ fretboard/ fret work, basic electronic repairs, certain types of refinishing, and my forte ... metalware/ hardware modifications.

I’ve been confidently working on my own basses for the last 20-odd years. I’m a silversmith by trade, so I’m familiar with working to high technical standards  👍🏻

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Guest Marcoelwray

Hello, I know this is not much UK-related, as my location is in Belgium but for a small charge or even for free if an arrangement could be found, I'd be happy to help anyone, in refretting, defretting, re-topping, refin, Warwick unofficial Customer support (refin, restauration, settings, repair...)

Here it is :)

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Slight update.

As well as setups, fret work and refrets, some electrical work, cosmetic damage.

I now can do solid colour refinishing, some metallic and candy colours. Neck refinishing.

Also snapped neck repairs.

Mobile setups and minor fret work NE England. 

Will be hoping soon to learn routing work, modifications. 

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On 03/05/2017 at 20:48, T-Bay said:

I am in Tamworth and reasonably handy across a range of skills but never done fretwork. I have a wide array of tools and kit to problem solve if needed as well.

Big thanks to T-Bay for helping me with a new switch in my OLP MM22. 

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