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I have just been trying to explain in a post about note placement for a bassline that somone asked for tab for.
Would it be possible to have access to a bit of score writing software on here? (could be an advertising/revenue opportunity too) So that rather than long wordy explanations of what it is, I could just write exerpts and post them on here.
I have literally thousands on nuggets of bass goodness floating around in my head, most of which could be written in score form really quickly. Making PDFs of parts seems obstructively long hand.
Any Chance??? Anyone???

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The best free notation software out there is [url="http://musettemusic.com/"]http://musettemusic.com/[/url] which will probably suit you fine if you want to paste jpeg's of a bar or two or three..... TBH I haven't used this for a long while, ever since I switched to Sibelius and started writing on a serious level, but I'm sure it'll be all you need. If you don't wanna go there or want a bit of a hand feel free to pm me.

[edit - gonna start spellchecking [u]befeore [/u]I hit Submit one of these days]

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[quote name='Ou7shined' timestamp='1221227397' post='282672']
Is there something like this but in guitar tab for us lesser mortals that can't read proper notation? :)

I think that Chordastic is the best tool for lyrics and chord sheets. There is a free version that do almost everything you would like to do and the interface is so great!

I have buy it for some extra features I wanted but I was using the free version for long time before that,
I hope I helped

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Just a addendum to all this. Can I recommend Primo PDF software for turning charts into pdfs. It basically attaches itself to your print button and by selecting 'Primo PDF' as your printer instead of your actual printer, it will turn any music software you can print into a pdf which you can then post on here. Best bit? Its free.


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