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Sold! 5 string, Fretless, Acoustic bass- Collected Notts-Harley Benton

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For sale is my Harley Benton B-35NT-FL Acoustic Bass.


It is a deco- see the stamps.

It arrived with a lump on the fret board that caused loads of buzzing and choking of notes.

I've levelled the frettboard off and now it plays well with a low action.

I don't play it, I had visions of doing coffee shop gigs with my Fiancée on piano that have never happened, so its for sale.
Its collection only because
A) I would like you to play it/ check it out to be happy its for you
B) I'm lazy and have no packaging material, its massive and one thump from an courier would be the end of it.

I'm in Doncaster, Mansfield, Huddersfield and Grantham occasionally for work so I could deliver- subject to you paying for it first and being very flexible about when
it gets delivered.
Collection very much preferred

Down points
-There are a couple of D stamps on the back of the neck heel and the back of the head stock.
-There are some scratches on the top front of the body where the sand paper slipped while sorting the fret board. These are unnoticable unless you spin the bass to
catch the light there. See the pictures, both from ~30cm away.
-There is some white paint on the corner of the fretboard from leaning against a painted wall.
-Some imperfections on the fretboard
-Some marks from the strings on the fretboard
-Its massive!

Plus points

It sold very quickly!

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