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brazilian jazz / bossa-nova musicians wanted

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[size=4]hey guys,[/size]
[color=#34495E][font=Lato, sans-serif][size=4]
[size=4]3-4ys ago I was running this Brazilian music band and it was a very interesting experience.[/size][/size][/font][/color][color=#34495E][font=Lato, sans-serif][size=4]
[size=4]We played all over London - Portobello's Mau Mau, Gimlik, Hootanany's, Soho House, Passing Clouds, Ronnie Scott's bar etc.[/size][size=4] [/size][/size][/font][/color][color=#34495E][font=Lato, sans-serif][size=4]

[size=4]Due to the members other projects and commitments we had stopped playing together but life is back on track so I'm testing the water to see if anyone around south east London is interested in getting together for some good music! [/size]

[url="https://youtu.be/IpeMEAk9e-c"]This is more or less what we were playing[/url]


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[quote name='ltownbass' timestamp='1449849628' post='2927530']
FYI, I've heard nothing back

Gosh sorry guys I basically forgot checking the forum since I put the add!
Been talking to a few people but the difficult part is to find any singers!

Have a couple of girls interested and may be trying something a bit different like Amy W. / D'Angelo kind of vibe .. let me have a try with the girls first to see if that could work and then I'll get back to you? thanks!

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