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sadowsky bass preamp pedal


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Just got this just over a week ago. Used it on 4 gigs over the bank holiday weekend in 4 different venues.

I use a Fender Jazz in passive mode.

EBS 350 head
2 x 112 EBS Neo Cabs

The thing I like about the above gear for me is.....its simple and sounds great. All of it is very plug and play and even in difficult sounding rooms its easy to suss out whats going to be best on offer.

In a good bass friendly room its amazing stuff and makes me very happy.

What was missing was a bit of a boost when soloing and in particular slap soloing. I needed to get just above the band a bit during these egotistical moments.

On arrival of the pedal I had a quick look at home through a 10 watt practice amp to "check it out".

All very simple stuff. Volume. Set your desired volume for boosting your signal or match your volume. Amount of bass boost and amount of treble boost.

Plug in and.....Instantly user friendly and that Sadowsky sound is there. Deep bass yet clear (add to taste) and if you want the high end to be "rounder" use less treble or if you want "fizzy" use more.

So at home all so far so good. In my experience its what it does up loud with a band going on around you that counts so off to the first gig of the weekend.

This pedal has a tuner out BTY which means I could leave the tuner on and use the mute function of the Sadowsky pedal for silent tunning.

So get to the gig,set up,turn the volume up to drum loud. plug in,and.................F***me it only actually works!!!!! And I mean really works. "Tonight Matthew I'm gonna be Marcus Miller/ Tal Wilkenfield and just about anyone else that youve heard thats got that sound"

Its so good that instead of the use it for solos its stays on all the time. It gives you that extra bit of authority without taking any clarity away. Now I have effectivley a passive and active bass all in one.

Ive owned a Sadowsky Metro bass before but it didnt play as well as my Fender so this is yet another bonus.

Adverts are keen to tell us what we want to hear and the amount of times I've been disappointed with bass related products is.....well a lot.

If you want to get closer to the above artists tone plus a whole other range of bringing out the best in your playing this is for you.

If you play in some grungy punky thing where this doesnt matter then obvs you dont need to spend your cash here.

best £200.00 ive spent in a long long time

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On 06/05/2019 at 09:37, Al Krow said:

@bassjim thanks for the review!

I'd love to hear a couple of sound clips of what the pedal is doing to your bass sound, if you're able to upload?

Warning...Bass wombling...........So this is me being extra a couple of years ago in a pub on a Sunday afternoon using said pedal. I still have it and its still the one thing that comes with me to every gig and is always switched on.  This clip is the slap thing obviously but it demonstrates IMO that slap sound thing with a jazz, on an actual gig rather than from the safety of a living room /studio/rehearsal room. 

Its not a one trick pony either. Its also a nice touch for any fingers setting be it a Jaco-esc back pick up or turn up the bass for a really good motown vibe or whatever. 

Still loving it 4-5 years on. Still recommend it. Never gig without it. Still worth every penny.

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If anyone is into building their own pedals it sounds like this might the one from this layout.  I agree it really does colour the sound nicely.

In the rock band I'm in I just have a fuzz pedal (another homebrew one off the site linked above) and then this preamp with a jazz bass and I think it really works for that too.  A deeper and more rounded sound than just the fuzz pedal on its own.

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