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Selling due to just wanting a change, I've had this amp for years now and just getting the urge to try something else.

Great amp with huge power and versatility and its never missed a beat! Also super light for its powe output.

2 separate class d amps running at 375 watt at 8 ohm and 600 watt at 4 ohm, so up to 1200 what of power running 2 4 ohm cabs. i run 2 8 ohm tc electronic rs cabs, so 750 watt and always had the headroom ive needed plus a lot more.

Mosfet channel and Tube preamp channel each with its own effects loop to, theres also a master effects loop to run effects through both channels. You cal also mix both channels for an instant boost from the footswitch.

Adjustable low boost, Mid scoop and high freq attack knobs also foot switchable.

5 way footswitch also in like new condition with tube channel, mix channel, low boost, mid scoop and high boost switches.

The amp is still like when i bought it as it spends most of its time in a small private studio and in its carry bag for transport to gigs.

Shipped in its original box with us and UK power supply's and the booklets.

Heres a youtube review from Ed Friedland

575.00 including shipping to mainland UK

I will get a quote if needed for shipping outside mainland UK

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