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NBD - almost , maybe even better!?

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Well not a bass, but can certainly DO bass, a Moog sub phatty, always wanted a decent analog synth

finally bagged a mint one on ebay!!

Had to share with your peeps, any other synth bass lovers out there!?


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[quote name='TomRichards' timestamp='1439589368' post='2844292']
Now you can play EDM!

no way!! yuk, its for beefy synth bass, prefect for that...

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I spent most of the 80s playing synth exclusively and then the next 15 years using them as backing for my other bands.

Over the years I have owned:

Akai AX73
Akai S2000
Casio CZ5000
Casio CZ1
Cheetah MS6
Control Synthesis Deep Bass 9
EDP Wasp
Ensonic EPS16+
Ensoniq ESQ1
Ensoniq ESQM
Korg MS20
Korg MS50
Korg VC10
Nord Rack
Roland SH09
Roland MC202
Roland Jupiter 6
Simmons MTX 9
Simmons SDS V
Waldorf Microwave XT

These days I do everything with plug-ins "in the box". I just sold the last of my synths - the Nord - last week. If was to hardware, it would probably be a modular system that I could build as required.

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