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Fender American Vintage 74 Jazz Bass for sale / trade

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I have decided to move this Jazz on, its as new and is one of these new Fender American Vintage reissue jobs. According to Fender its made exactly as they were in the good old days.

Sounds great and is a joy to play. Nice and light and looks great, I just haven't really used it and its lived in its case the past few months. Its still wearing its original factory strings and everything.

Its a great bass and i'm only moving it on as it was an impulse purchase and I still use either a Ricky or Stingray - I just felt a Jazz would be a welcome addition to the collection.

Its located in West Hampstead London, but can be collected from Bourne End, Bucks or Southampton.

Price is pretty firm as I paid £1500 or so, so its a good deal in my opinion!


Here is the same bass, albeit the natural version...



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I had one of those, but had to return it to the shop as the bridge cover was put on wonky (how it got past QC I don't know). Was absolutely gutted - was probably the nicest Jazz I've ever played. The '64 I got instead I didn't get on with as well :(


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All being well, I will be coming a knocking later in the week!


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They must be really special Barrie, and let's face it, the basses that go through your paws, you would know :lol: :lol:

I've had a couple of the US 75 RI and found them to be exceptional. Light weight, great sounds and playability. Only thing I wasn't keen on is they were pretty much all "natural".

Might just keep an eye out for one of these 74's. Cheers for that.

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