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takamine adjustment


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Hallo to all and sorry for my English.I have a takamine eg 512c bass.the problem is that the auction is too high.I adjust the truss rod but nothing .the bridge is low and I can adjust it more lower cause the strings touch in the other piece of bridge (the wooden one that is on the bass ). I hope to understand my problem

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When you say you "adjust the trussrod but nothing" do you mean it does not solve your problem, or that it literally does nothing and does not adjust the relief? What is the relief like? The truss rod does not set the action, just the relief so if your trying to adjust your action using the truss rod...stop it :P.

Assuming you knew that and that the relief is correct, it sounds like either the belly of the guitar has bulged, or the neck angle has changed. Both are big jobs to put right. It may help a little to string up with some light (or extra light) gauge strings and give it a little while to settle with them before checking again to see if things have improved :).

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Thanks for your asnwers. The truss ros is in working condition.I mean that fix the relief. So I don't know what is the probem.If it was in my electric bass i think that the only think i have to do is to lower the saddles, but in the semi acoustic bass if i set lower the saddle then the strings "eat" the bridge so maybe with a bridge shaving i will fix it.I will try.
I am very happy with this bass but i think that takamine has to fix some problems.
The other problem that i ave is that my preamp box has 2 clips .The clips are plastic and they are broken.Now i can't play it through an amp. I contact 2-3 times with takamine and no answer yet.The preamp model (tk4n or tk4nt) is a discontinued model so it is very difficult finding some parts.
Thanks again.

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