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Peavey Century 120 tripping the circuit breakers


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So I've got a pair of old Peavey Century 120 Bass Series heads, and I'm having a little trouble with them. I plugged them in at home, turned them on, they made noise, sounded good, etc. But earlier I took them to my practice space, plugged them in, and the moment I turned them on the circuit breakers tripped, killing the sockets in every room in the building. Now, I can't risk taking these heads out into the world and having them tripping circuit breakers at venues, so any help anyone can offer would be appreciated.

I feel like I should say, I am running the amps at home with a Belkin Surgemaster powerstrip, but I'm unsure whether or not that makes a difference. The guy who runs the practice space says that the more modern RCD's are much more sensitive, and will trip very easily, whereas older ones such as the ones in my house won't. This does seem to be the case, but like I said, I need to know if there's anything I can do to fix this issue.

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It's very hard to tell what the problem might be, buts it's probably capacitive leak between live and earthed conductors. It could be that your practice space has a problem with this but not significant enough to trip the RCD - if your amp is leaky enough it might be sufficient to then trip the RCD. In any case you should get your amps checked over by a qualified tech.

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