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UK handwound Pick-up makers list!

Mr H

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A guitarist friend of mine likes to tinker. A year or so ago he fitted one or two Oil City pickups to his Telecaster, and has now ordered a set for his Fret King Corona - he rates them.

Oil City hand-wind their kit to order in Leyton, East London. They have a website - http://oilcitypickups.co.uk - and the pickups are apparently very good value.

No bass models yet!

I have no connection except knowing a happy customer. If you're looking for UK-built replacements then they seem to be worth consideration.

EDIT: title changed to reflect replies - thanks gents!

EDIT II: title changed again, same reason.

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Lots of UK handwinders nowadays - always good to add another.

http://deacci.com/ (formerly RD Pick-ups)
http://www.hotrodguitarparts.com/ (formerly Wizard Pick-ups)

Of these I have used Bare Knuckle, Catswhisker and Mojo. I am finding Creamery and BK a bit expensive these days. I will certainly look at Oil City and others in the future.

Any more UK winders I have missed?

[edit]Added some more I found plus some mentioned later in this thread. Didn't realise there were so many to be honest.[/edit]

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The little guitar shop in Hockley, Birmingham do hand wound pickups. I had a set made by Martin to replace the Seymour Duncans that were in my Rob Williams CSM guitar.

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Check out Alegree https://www.alegree.co.uk/

He's very active on the fretboard forum and his pickups are held in high esteem over there.

I've got a Texan Dustdevil tele bridge and a Sea Smoke P90 neck in my Fano type build and they are truly excellent. Great clarity and definition, tons of bite but never shrill, lovely flutey warmth from the P90.

His best pickups are his handwound custom shop ones which are pretty reasonable, but he also does a more budget 'Old Time' range that are wound elsewhere to his exacting specs. The PAF replicas, in particular, are getting rave reviews on the fretboard although I haven't tried them myself.

Well worth a look.

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