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Built a JJ Burnel tribute bass...

Big Al

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Thanks for all the positive comments guys.
The lowdown on the lack of recognition JJ got from Fender is here....
But basically I would have thought the fact that the Stranglers are almost unknown in the USA is a major factor to there being no signature 'JJ' Fender.
There was probably scope for a huge American interest in the Stranglers, but JJ in particular steered the band away from that market through his dislike (almost hatred) of things American.
He had immersed himself in karate and Japanese warrior ethics, and was disgusted at the US for dropping two atomic bombs on the country. For instance, very early in their careers (1977 maybe), the band visited EMI headquarters in the Netherlands, when JJ noticed one of the executives had an American flag on a wall display. Before he left, JJ set the flag on fire, which also destroyed the exec's carpets, curtains, and stereo system.
Behaviour like that might be great for your punk credentials, but it won't endear you to the US market or record companies.
The first Shuker 'JJ' signature bass came very close to replicating the sound of his 1963 'green bass', but I think time is taking its toll on him, and I've read that the weight of the bass was hurting his back after maybe five hours of rehearsals, so Shuker have come up with a second signature model for him, called the 'Carbon-lite' (below). It only weighs 7.5 pounds - a lot less than a typical 1970s ash Fender Precision body (I've read some weighed 14 pounds!), but only time will tell if this new bass is as good sonically as the first Shuker.
I've been going to Stranglers gigs since 1978, and will see them again in Aberdeen later this month. The new bass is being toured with this latest Stranglers tour at the moment, so we'll see!

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Unfortunately the original white plastic nut on the 2010 neck broke under the E string, so I've made a new 44mm one out of stainless steel. It gives a very clear bright sound, with lots of sustain - just what I'm after... [attachment=186887:Als-stainless-steel-nut-2.jpg]

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