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Show us yer headstocks!


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18 minutes ago, Reggaebass said:

Nice Kazan 👍what colour is that called 

Thanks! It's a refin by Bravewood and is just "super faded Fiesta Red" (Fiesta mixed with some white). The idea was to aim for the more pink hue of some of the mythical "Selmer refins" or the very rare Fender "Tahitian Coral" (only one known example - a Strat). The color is a bit warmer looking in real life than it looks in the photo.

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1 hour ago, MacDaddy said:


Not quite, my headless Shuker's are, but this is inspired by the double bass extended fretboards.

Well, I know that the tuners are at the other end, but I meant the two extra frets floppy thing. 

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