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After much deliberation, I've decided to put my Ibanez SR20th 5-string up for sale. As is so often the case, it's just not getting used and it seems crazy to have 5 basses when 3 of them seldom get any use.

Those familiar with the Ibanez Soundgear range will know that these basses are lightweight, amazingly easy to play and with really versatile electronics, offering a huge range of sounds.

This particular model was manufactured in 2007/08 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the start of the Soundgear range and brings together all the features that made the range so popular and enduring to that point. It was apparently released as a limited edition (though I've heard mixed reports of how many actually were produced) and comes with it's own 20th anniversary case and strap.

Here are the specs: -

Body: Mahogany
Neck: 5-piece Wenge/Bubinga
Fretboard: Wenge (abalone inlay at 12th fret)
Bridge: Mono-Rail III
Pickups: Bartolini Custom
Pre-Amp: Ibanez Vari-Mid III
Controls: Volume; Pick-up pan; Stacked bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut; Stacked mid boost/cut, mid/frequency

The streamlined design of both the body and the neck make this one of the most natural-feeling basses I've ever played. With a tight 16.5mm string spacing, the narrow neck is fast and smooth, sitting comfortably under hands of all sizes. The vari-mid III parametric mid-range eq allows you to dial in a huge range of tones, so it's likely you'll be able to find a sound for most situations.

This is a Prestige model, which means it was manufactured in the Japanese Fujigen Gakko factory and the overall build quality is exactly what you would expect from Ibanez's top-end grade. I'm yet to try any non-Fujigen Soundgears that play and feel quite like the Japanese ones.

I bought the bass new from Machine Head in Hitchin, in 2008 and it was my faithful main instrument for several years. While it's still in very good condition, it was well-loved and has it's share of dings, though these don't show up very obviously on the mahogany body. I've tried to show the dings in the attached photos. Note also that the handle of the case is showing signs of wear, though I never used the case for transporting it around.

I'm not looking at trades at the moment as I'm not doing a huge amount of playing.

Ideally I'm looking for collection (from North London), though I could look into courier options if required.


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