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What are you listening to right now?


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38 minutes ago, Sonic_Groove said:

Didn't know it was Graphite! Bugger I really want one now!!! 🤣


Kiwi I don't want to derail this thread but are there any pics of yours in another ?

There's a thread somewhere...but in any case, here's a pic of it just after purchasing in 2006. 



I was looking for a cheap Alembic Series 1 at the time, found this on TB and thought 'oh, that's interesting' and bought it off the bass player in legendary Canadian band 'Spirit of the West' as it so happened.  Fantastic action on it, barely have to breathe on the strings to fret them but it needs a compressor to fatten it up a bit.  Here's a video of Hugh playing it in sub zero temperatures, he's remained a life long friend since we met.





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9 hours ago, steantval said:

Brilliant album cover design, summed up that era.




A wonderful album. Not a day goes by where I don't play Sunshine if Your Love in the old bass.


And this morning I have dug out...



Not one of Oldfields most admired albums, but its my firm favourite. I remember a magazine interview with him not long after it came out and he said he was a fan of the heavy metal sound (I don't recall him naming any bands) and that shows in what is perhaps the most guitar and rock oriented of his albums.  Great to wake up with on a Sunday morning.

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