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What are you listening to right now?


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10 minutes ago, Reggaebass said:

Haven’t heard that for years, great tune ☝️

Yeah, I'd always forgotten who it was by so hadn't heard it ages either. Excellent bittersweet sound and message.

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8 hours ago, garyt said:

I really like what I’ve heard of Pupil Slicer so far.  Hopefully when the gigs get started again, we’ll see their real potential. 

Yeah, I'd really like to see them live, I think Mirrors is probably my album of the year so far

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My nearly 12 year old daughter often controls Spotify on the drive back to her mothers gaff...

She put this song on...

I presume it’s a TikTok thing...seeing how it’s 10 or so years since release.

I cannot stop hearing it. And it refers to pretty much everything from my childhood.

Which makes me feel old, but somehow relevant again.

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