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1975 Fender P-Bass


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Here is the second bass that I am selling: my beloved 1975 Fender Precision. I bought this bass for £2,000 back in February 2013 from Nick's Guitars ([url="http://www.nicksguitars.com/"]http://www.nicksguitars.com/[/url]) and it has been my go-to bass ever since. I bought it, as you see here in the pictures, with no pick-up or bridge covers and no original case (I actually bought it without any case at all). I am selling it [b]WITH[/b] the Mono Vertigo case you see in the pictures below.

Everything on this bass is original: the pots, tuning pegs, bridge, pick ups and scratchplate, in addition to the body and neck. Since being in possession of it I have restrung it with flats and that is all.

This bass has a bottom end so pronounced it would make Beyoncé blush. I've used this bass on jazz standards and blues gigs and it works perfectly: playing around with the tone knob and plucking the strings close to the neck give it a pretty convincing upright sound. But this bass really comes into its own when playing Motown and soul music, as one would expect. It has that classic round and percussive sound at its core with sufficient midrange to ensure that it doesn't get too muddy. I've purposefully kept the action fairly high because I personally quite like the sound that's produced from really digging into the strings.

The condition of the bass is fairly good. There are a couple of little dings here and there (I've tried to show this in some of the pictures) and on the reverse of the body there are 3 mystery circles... Other than that, the frets are in good shape, the input socket is quiet and the intonation is good.

If you would like more pictures then just ask and I can send some more your way.

At this time I am looking for money only (just to reiterate: I am [b]NOT[/b] looking for trades). Bank transfer would be ideal although I am willing to talk with potential buyers about a payment method that works for them. I am based in Leeds and would welcome local pickup, or I am willing to travel to potential buyers (within reason). If the bass needs to be shipped then I am willing to split the cost of the shipping with the buyer.

Any questions then please just let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thank you for your time.

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