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Traded! : FT : Fender Highway One Precision trade for Highway One Jazz or Fender Modern Player Jazz

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For Trade:

Is my Fender 2008 USA Highway One Precision(Upgraded version) and I would like to trade it for a Highway One Jazz - Upgraded version or a Fender Modern Player Jazz :)

This bass is finished in a nice nitro red/burgundy colour, I don't know the actual colour name - *It's midnight wine*. The finish is pretty thin as you can see the wood grain through it, I've tried to get pictures of it but they haven't come out as well as what it actually looks like.

This bass plays really nicely and sounds just like a p bass does. It has a Badass 2 bridge on it.

There is a wear patch on the top edge where my arm/wrist has been in contact with it and a few little knocks here and there and also some pick marks, again I've tried getting these in the pictures.

The wood grain on the neck is really nice and I have lightly sanded the back of the neck to make it smoother and quicker to play and it feels really nice.

I'm in Aylesbury Bucks so can meet up for the trade or I can ship it to the rest of UK if you ship your bass too :)

I think I've covered everything but if you have any questions then please ask!


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[quote name='OBT1000_S12' timestamp='1391844941' post='2361879']
PM's replied to.

Thanks Andy for the offer but a trade has now been sorted :)

Traded pending

:D no prob matey glad you got sorted :)

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