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Kubicki Ex-Factor replacement parts - help needed


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I'm looking for any help on buying replacement Kubicki Ex-factor parts, in particular the bridge posts.

For some unknown reason three of the bridge posts won't turn in the retainers, meaning I can only adjust the action on one string now. The others only go so far down then wedge themselves and don't go any lower. They can only then be taken out with a pair of pliers (not good).

I've tried cleaning them, swapping them around, WD40 etc but to no avail.

Is there anyone who could suggest where I could get new posts, or retainers, where I can get them fixed, or even a replacement bridge.... As you can see it's getting a bit desperate as this bass is unusable at the moment.

Since the very sad death of Phil Kubicki earlier this year, it seems like this may prove difficult.

Any help please. Thanks

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