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Confirming bass details - Fender Jazz


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This one is a quick query for those of you who know a bit about old Fenders:

In my possession is a 1973/74 (so I'm led to believe) Fender Jazz bass - pics below.

It's in awesome condition, though non orig case and no ashtray or pickup cover.

It's meant to have some 'history' from a well known 70's glam band.

It's owned by a non-musician friend - he bought it in an auction to sell on.

I'd like to buy it off him so he's lent it to me to try and do my own research to confirm that it is what I'm told it is.

I know you'll need hi res images of it with the neck off and pot info etc to give a proper 'confirmation' but until I do that over the weekend, these will have to suffice (if of course they help).
The info I have dates it to a 73 / 74.

There isn't a mark, dent, chip or scratch on the body or anywhere.

Anyone able to help with confirming that this is indeed a 73/74?


Thanks in advance!!!

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Can't see anything wrong with it from the photos. It has the thumb rest over the E string which is a 73 to 74 change, the older ones had it below the G. But the 4 bolt and truss rod adjustment at the heel are like a 73 or earlier.

So it's probably what they call a 'transition' Jazz which would date it 73 /74, and the neck plate number backs that up.

It looks like it has the same dodgy routing under the bridge pickup just like my 72, as if the jig slipped when they were making it!

It looks like it's in great condition, if it's nice and lightweight it should be a really great bass.

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Thanks guys.
Yup, pretty lightweight and unmarked!
She sure is 'fit'!!

I'm led to believe it was owned by someone in 'The Sweet'. I can't find anymore info, though it was bought at auction kind of locally and I do know that 'The Sweet' guitarist, Andy Scott is from Wrexham. If it was, then I think it must have been a spare and stored unplayed for years as its like a time warp bass, apart from some dirt, dust, spot of rust on screw heads etc. it's even got a 70's curly lead in the case!

Cheers guys!!

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A bit more research has found 'The Sweet' link to be false.

Nevertheless, it's a great bass in exc condition.

I plugged it into my Aguilar rig on sat and the pickups sounded really weak and thin compared to my 75RI Jazz with US Fender pickups.

It clearly needs a decent set up as the high D and E on the D string were fretting out, as were the equivalents on the A and G too.
Think the neck needs a bit of a 'crank' and a general all over full service.
Once sorted it'll be ace!

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Pickups shouldn't sound weak, is one or are both possibly microphonic? I've come across a lot from that era that have been or need rewinding.

My '73 had a slightly microphonic neck PUP, I noticed a break in the wire had been 'repaired' with a dab of solder. I sent it to Wizard to be rewound and it is one of the best sounding Js I'ver ever played now.

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Be careful! It's very easy to damage the windings on a Jazz bass, although they may be damaged already if they're not working well.

Rewinding the pickups will probably knock some value off the bass unless they're been unsoldered already, are you absolutely certain they're not working properly?

I've heard good things about Wizard pickups, I've a couple of duff ones I'm going to send him soon.

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[quote name='bassintheface' timestamp='1363700041' post='2016035']
I'll take the pickups out tonight and have a look.

Yeah, were both a bit microphonic.

As in Wizard Pickups in Wales?


Yes, his rewinds sound as good as any I've heard.

I would definitely determine if they are indeed microphonic before doing any work. If the bass is pristine it might be beter selling it for collector's value and finding another you like as is, it's a tough call. If the bass has been heavily played a PUP rewind won't change the overall value as much.

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It's going in to get a service, set up and general clean etc on monday so it'll all get properly checked out before I take any action!
I've decided that if they are buggered, then I'll remove the pickups and controls and store them safely.

I'll then buy a set of decent higher output Jazz pickups (Wizards or Bareknucles or Aguilar etc) and new CTS pots & controls for use, then if I ever decide to sell, I can pop the originals back in and no harm done.


The bass is mint - not a scratch on it whatsoever!

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