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Bassist and Guitarist Needed for Genesis Cover Band


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Calling All Mike Rutherfords....

We are a 5 piece Genesis band, and we need to replace our guitarist and bassist, who have decided that they "wish to pursue other avenues of musical indulgence."

We formed early this year, and have had a number of rehearsals with a view to gigging from 2013 on. Our secret weapon is a perfect clone of Phil Collins, and our mission is to do anything Genesis did with Phil, which really only limits us a tiny bit.

What we're looking for are 2 guys who can either take a role each, or share the guitars or basses, play bass pedals, and generally look after the string department. Different songs will require a different mix of skills, but to give a rough guide, between you, you will need to cover electric, acoustic 6 string/12 string, bass pedals, and of course vocals would be nice. Bassist really needs to have either bass pedals or a Roland PK5 and a module to make this work - or be prepared to get hold of these.

Current members :

Andy - drums - full concert kit, electronic pads, every conceivable accessory and oodles of talent.

Dan - keyboards - Yamaha EX5, DX7, GEM S3, Roland A90, D50, JX10, AX1, JV-1080, Korg TR-Rack, Wavestation SR, Akai CD300XL

Richard - vocals - looks and sounds like Phil Collins


We have our own huge PA and lights, and experience playing in other Genesis bands.

Set so far

Dance/Los Endos
Home /2nd Home
Turn It On
Behind Lines/Duchess
Can Utility
1992 tour old medley
Cinema Show
+ lots more

We are based in Woking and Southampton, so if you are based anywhere around the M3 corridor and have transport, it would work well. We rehearse in Basingstoke.

We are of a pretty good standard already, and all play in other prog projects - but Genesis is our first love, we are totally committed to this project, and we need to find the right people to make this work. Talent is important but so is personality - pleasant but driven and committed is probably a fair description.

So - if you are up for this, please PM me, or contact me on [email protected] We are planning auditions on 15/16 Sep so please get in touch quickly so that we can meet up and move forwards.

Keep them mowing blades sharp!


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[quote name='fryer' timestamp='1345660004' post='1780218']
Well, I play bass guitar, love Genesis, live near Basingstoke, and work in Southampton. Don't know what you mean by bass pedals though ?

Those things that Geddy Lee and loads of other people play, when they need to keep the Bass line going with their foot, whilst playing another instrument. (The kind of thing you find on old organs) Google 'Roland Bass Pedals' for examples. ;)

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[quote name='fryer' timestamp='1345660004' post='1780218']
Well, I play bass guitar, love Genesis, live near Basingstoke, and work in Southampton. Don't know what you mean by bass pedals though ?

How can you love Genesis & not know what bass pedals are? :o :)

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@toneknob - thanks for the pic - he just missed out on a new set of Taurus 3!
@ nottswarwick - you got it!
@ Fryer - no probs - if you want to have a chat, drop me a PM...

Good, now we all know what bass pedals are, does anybody want to come and use some in anger???!!!! :rolleyes: We have 25 million guitarists applied and just one bassist...

Form an orderly queue - now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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[quote name='nottswarwick' timestamp='1345756512' post='1781384']
Presumably then on some numbers both players will be on guitar, with one of them also playing bass via these organ style pedals?

Yep! although there's also songs where there's one guitar, one bass and bass pedal parts as well. It's like singing and playing - odd to start with but you get the hang of it - says a now-retired Genesis tribute band bassist, in case my icon wasn't a giveaway :D

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Would be something I would have loved to do, I have the pedals very similar to what was originally used in genesis and masses of equipment that would suite the bill nicely, big fan of genesis I saw them in 2007 as I am only 20 this is the only chance I got and am grade 5 standard with lots of gigging experience, but with the distances to practice it would cost way too much in transport :(

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Hi Dan

Sorry to hear you're not getting much response from Bassists. It sounds like a great opportunity but probably the bass pedals/multi instrumentalist thing putting people off. It's something I would love to do but I think location/pressures of work etc will count against it.

Is this going to be a full-time pro or semi-pro thing or just an occasional project and what kind of geographic area do you envisage playing (national, local, south-east?). You mention you're looking at 2013 before being gig ready - if you still haven't found the right person by December and you think it might be worth my while (plenty of gigs/reasonable pay) then give me a shout. I'm located in Gloucestershire so about 1.5 hrs away.

My current gear includes:
Fretted and Fretless bases
Roland PK-5 midi bass pedals
Keyboards and sound modules
Acoustic and electric guitars

Looking to add electric upright bass to this list shortly as well.

My current band seems to have fizzled out but if you check out the pics on our website you'll see me playing the bass and bass pedals on-stage so I'm just the kind of person you're looking for.


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