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Bass Max sound issue

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Thanks for the offer but actually what I would really like is to hear your Bass Max on your bass if we could arrange that sometime. Just to see what it sounds like and if it does sound like mine, what you do to improve it. I'm using a plat pro too. TPJ suggested it might be my bridge at fault but it seems unlikely given that I've tried it on two basses with the same results, so now I'm keen to hear what other people get from one given that I seem incapable of getting anything useful from mine.

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if you don't sort anything out i'm playing a gig at Knaresborough in a couple of weeks if you fancy a drive over too laugh at my fumbling attempts to slap my bass :)
i have to say though i really didn't get on with the plat pro' at all soundwise but my boss bass eq pedal is indispensable.

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[quote name='Paddymick' timestamp='1344539802' post='1766272']
Cheers Artisan - I'm gigging that night too (electric) - but I'll keep an eye out and try to catch you soon - what's yr band called?

my band have a really sh*te name which was none of my doing & also a bit embarrassing too "The Doghouse Doctors" :facepalm:
i suggested "Doghouse Boys" but nobody'd listen to old me.

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