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Suggested format for reviews

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In order for everyone to get the best out of this section, its important that easy comparisons can be made between different reviews. For the sake of some consistency, we recommend using a format similar to that used in the Harmony Central reviews.

We like the system they've used and we reproduce part of it here for your reference:

* Select a numerical rating in each category (10 is the best, 1 is bad)
* Add comments in at least one text field (You must enter some comments that go deeper than saying it's good or bad. Surveys without valuable comments will not be used). There are a number of questions below that you can use as a guide.
* BE CRITICAL! Nothing is perfect. Superficial, glowing reviews may not get published.
* Resist the new product rush! Take some time and really work with the product. If you need to comment right away, make it clear you haven't used it extensively.
* Please include some of the specs too, since not everyone will know the model numbers and names alone.
* For manufacturers - We value your input, but DO NOT pose as a customer. If you want to address any comments on your product or refute the facts, you can use this form, but make it very clear you are responding to those comments as a manufacturer (and leave the sales pitch out please!) Companies that abuse this review system will be warned, and related reviews or comments may be removed. Additional instances of abuse will result in ineligibility to participate in user reviews for a period of one year.

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