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Feedback for Pst62

the boy

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Thanks Dave, nice to meet you too, hope you're liking the bass. It just seemed pointless leaving it to the mercy of a couriers depot
(I saw that Dispatches programme) for a journey of less than 20 miles mate. I woulda been right f***ed off if it had been damaged over such a short distance.

PS. That little rig sounded lovely mate :)

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Bit of a story here.  I was after some info on the comparison between the Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro vs Vintage Pro and a search showed that Pete had both.  So I PMd him out of the blue and asked him some stuff.  During the course of this it came to light that one of his Classic Pros was a particularly lightweight one - most are far too heavy for me.  At the time there was also one on eBay in excellent condition (Pete's had a slight issue) so I put forward the mad idea that I transfer the cash to Pete so he could buy the one on eBay then I would buy his lightweight one.  Win/win so far as I could see.  And Pete agreed!  So that is what we did.  Thank you, sir, for thinking outside the box and allowing this to happen :) 

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Thank you for the feedback Paul. This whole arrangement was your idea, and as long as you're truly happy with the outcome, that's all that matters to me.

I've got to admit I was a bit worried about flimsy head stocks being at the mercy of Parcelforce handlers. lol

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